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Welcome to the Online Old Parts Store UK located in Norfolk, A Ford Motor Company Trade Register member. You know what they say 'Old Fords Never Die'. Well with help from the old part store they won't. I stock a large range of New Genuine FORD, Non Genuine , Reproduction and Second-hand Ford Cortina MK3 MK4 and MK5 parts and spares from 1970 on..... probably the largest old ford parts stock for sale anywhere in the world dedicated to the Ford Cortina range. Also stocked are spares for a number of other models to including Escort, Granada, Taunus, P100 Pickup Truck, Transit, Capri, Fiesta, Sierra, Orion and more. A small note.... The OldPartStore only deals Online and has no physical store address, so sadly collections or visits are not possible.

Online Ordering System NOW OPEN

Please note that the old mail order Parts and Spares for sale Lists are currently being moved to the new online store. Parts and Spares appearing on the previous old mail order lists may be out of stock or have not been added yet, its work in progress. Click the link on the left to view the LATEST parts Lists pages, with pictures, or click on the link below to enter the shop. Payment via Paypal is accepted.

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There are still a large amount of parts still to be added so if you cannot find what you need then contact me HERE. More parts and spares are being added all the time!!!


OldPartStore try to process orders within 7 days and postage charges are based on the total weight of each order. There is no limit to the total weight for UK orders but other destinations have a 10kg limit per order. No parcels will be sent by unrecorded/tracked methods.A signature will be required for all parcels and NO orders will be sent overseas by surface mail. All parcels are required to be sent Airmail and registered/signed for. Although we ship international orders there are some destinations we do not ship to visit the shop for details.

Latest Shop Updates

Ref Finis CodeDescriptionQuantityPrice (GBP)
5055XSFord Escort Mk4 / Orion CAMBELTBUY1£5.95
6145227Ford Fiesta Mk2 SolenoidBUY1£12.75
2566001Ford Cortina Mk2 Full sill with step,left hand sideBUY1£38.50
5014454Ford Escort Mk2 Spotlamp guard pair BUY1£14.75
6103338Ford Taunus MK1 Throttle cable ohv RHD 75-BUY6£18.50
5018533Ford Cortina Mk3 Brake shoe hold down kit 8 inch '74-82BUY1£22.75
1618916Ford Fiesta Mk2 Steering wheel centre,brownBUY1£12.75
6025668Ford Capri Mks 1-3 Rear wheel cylinderBUY2£18.50
6117379Ford Sierra MK2 Thermostat housing OHCBUY1£24.75
1729553Ford Cortina P100 Truck Bush for bonnet stayBUY22£2.35
5021457Ford Escort Mk3 Track control arm right handBUY1£38.50
OLDP202Ford Granada Mk1 Locking fuel capBUY1£13.75
JE5412Car Service Tools M12 X 100mm spline socket for Ford cylinder head boltsBUY4£4.85
JE080Car Service Tools Sierra or Granada Mk3 front lower track road arm bush toolBUY1£13.85
1609084Ford Sierra MK1 Rear door ashtray Steel Grey -08/85BUY1£7.75
TC663Ford Fiesta Mk3 Lower ball joint 16.5mm boltBUY2£7.95
1508162Ford Escort Mk1 Clutch release bearing 1.1 6 1/2" clutch '67-75BUY1£13.75
6042035Ford Transit Mk1 Bolt retainerBUY1£6.75
6076564Ford Taunus MK1 Fuel tank mounting boltBUY1£4.75
5360XSFord Fiesta Mk3 CAMBELTBUY1£5.95
6106164Ford Cortina Mk4 Luggage compartment lampBUY3£15.75
1575794Ford Fiesta Mk1 Tailgate sealBUY1£15.75
5027477Ford Cortina Mk3 Rotor arm 3.0V6BUY35£5.95
OLDP600Ford Cortina P100 Truck Door trim panel clip late white pack of 10BUY26£1.75
JE5412Car Service Tools M12 x 100mm splined socket for cylinder head boltsoolsBUY4£4.85
Workshop manuals literature Haynes Leyland Princess 1975-6BUY1£4.75
1648156Ford Escort Mk3 Headlamp left hand side Carello chrome backBUY1£45.00
6105883Ford Transit Mk2 Cold start resistor '85-91BUY2£15.75
6107844Ford Capri Mks 1-3 Clutch plate/disc 1.6 OHC 23 Spline 5 speedBUY5£21.75
6077437Ford Transit Mk1 BracketBUY2£3.35
6061005Ford Escort Mk2 Flasher can two pinBUY1£7.75
DSJ897Ford Fiesta Mk2 Ford Fiesta Lower ball jointBUY2£5.95
6088639Ford Cortina Mk4 Brake light switch -08/79BUY2£11.75
1637862Ford Sierra MK1 Tailgate strut hatchback 3/5 door 08/85-BUY1£8.75
6158467Ford Sierra MK2 Cassette tape containerBUY1£8.75
6819116Ford Sierra MK2 Wire assemblyBUY1£12.75
CB5001Ford Transit Mk2 CAMBELTBUY1£5.95
CB5002Ford Escort Mk1 CAMBELTBUY6£5.95
6096329Ford Granada Mk2 Door lock solenoidBUY1£24.75
Workshop manuals literature Autobooks Cortina Mk3BUY1£4.95
6057463Ford Transit Mk2 Front indicator unit right hand (pre-facelift)BUY6£26.00
1595873Ford Granada Mk1 V6 Spigot bearing 4 speed transBUY5£8.75
6106539Ford Granada Mk2 Fuel pumpBUY1£76.95
6021656Ford Cortina Mk4 Seat adjustment handwheelBUY1£4.75
6105956Ford Fiesta Mk1 Locking fuel capBUY1£12.75
QSJ1330SFord Fiesta Mk3 Lower ball joint 17mm boltBUY4£5.95
6096158Ford Cortina Mk5 Lower radiator hose V6BUY2£15.75
5003312Ford Cortina Mk5 Aerial mast insertBUY1£18.50
1493460Ford Granada Mk1 Aux lamp switchBUY2£19.75
6155670Ford Cortina P100 Truck Choke control kit ohc 1.6 06/79-08/91BUY1£22.75
1432071Ford Transit Mk1 Bottom radiator hose dieselBUY1£9.95
DSJ1012Ford Escort Mk4 / Orion Left hand track control armBUY1£10.00
5021425Ford Fiesta Mk1 Lower ball jointBUY1£24.50
1621930Ford Sierra MK1 Parcel shelf lifting strapBUY18£3.85
OLDP401Ford Taunus MK1 Carpet L/GL/GT cord type Black Left hand driveBUY2£175.00
6083554Ford Granada Mk2 Radio surround/fascia Left hand drive 08/81-BUY1£4.75
1478399Ford Cortina Mk3 Bootlid script 'L'BUY1£12.75
TA470Ford Escort Mk3 Track rod endBUY1£9.75
Workshop manuals literature Ford Escort performance guideBUY1£5.95
6040298Ford Escort Mk2 Wheelnut cap (black plastic)BUY23£1.85
2566002Ford Cortina Mk2 Full sill with step,right hand side.BUY1£38.50
6187451Ford Escort Mk4 / Orion Steering column bearingBUY1£2.35
2566592Ford Cortina Mk2 Ford Cortina Mk2 rear wheelarch,2 or 4 door,right handBUY6£34.50
15151174Ford Cortina Mk5 Propshaft coupling 1600cc engined carsBUY3£75.00
1447222Ford Escort Mk1 Track rod endBUY3£12.75
RH1151Ford Capri Mks 1-3 Lower radiator hose V4/OHCBUY4£5.75

Ebay Shop Now Closed!

Please note that sadly due to high charges OldPartStore no longer list old ford parts on ebay. The oldpartstore ebay shop is closed and all parts and spares for sale are now listed on our own online shop above.

Parts for other classic Fords

OldPartStore also have in stock for sale a number of obsolete ford parts for other models including Repair sections, Body Panels, Haynes workshop repair manuals. Mechanical, Brake system, Suspension and Steering components, Front subframe and engine mountings, Cooling system, Hubs and wheelbearings, Service parts. Electrical items, Motors and switches, Lamps and lenses, Instruments. Trim including Rubber mouldings, body mouldings, decals and badges. Fasteners, Bolts and Clips. Left and right window glass. Wings, doors and sills for Ford Cortina, Capri, Escort, Granada MK1 and MK2, Ford Taunus MK1, P100 Pickup Truck, Transit Mk1 and MK2, Fiesta Mk1 and MK2 and many other old ford parts and spares for sale. etc. Click the Parts List link to see what we have.........we may just have what you are looking for!

Kit Cars

We are now able to supply a range of used Cortina running gear for Kit Car applications such as the Spartan Kit Car, Carlton Commando Ford Cortina Based Kit Car, Please contact us with your requirements.

Haynes workshop and repair manuals and literature

The OldPartStore stock a selection of used Haynes workshop repair manuals now listed together with other collectable literature including a Ford Transit Mk1 Parts book, Ford Escort performance guide, Haynes Ford Consul / Granada Mk1 manual, Pearsons Hillman Imp Singer Chamois manual, Haynes Morris Minor 1000 manual and many more. When they are gone they are gone. See the Repair Manuals link on the left.